The Story

TMP was established with the dream of creating the best enviroment for our team. We believe that by creating the perfect environment the joy and commitment will reflect on how we meet our clients.
At TMP, we design, arrange and organise events, such as congresses, corporate events, fairs, incentives, seminars and conventions.
We are experienced in creating program enhancements such as executive meetings, special events, gala events, product launches and major productions.
we have strong international networks and a reputation for delivering a high level of service.
we take pride in delivering results for associations, non-profit, corporate and government sectors.
we can provide you with a partial or complete service at a competitive rate.
our approach to event logistics is systemized and highly accountable.
any size, any location, we will help you reach your project goals professionally and efficiently.

About Us

- our team will help you deliver inspirational events and meetings that will have long lasting effects.



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