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Future meetings

DUGS - Dansk Urogynækologisk Selskab
5 January 2018

Unge Forskere - Danish Science Factory
20 April 2018

PNES 2018 - Epilepsiklinikken, Rigshospitalet - Glostrup
9 May 2018

18th WRC - The Danish Rose Society
28 June 2018

10th Joint Scandinavian Conference in Cardiothoracic Surgery - Copenhagen University Hospital
29 August 2018

Nordic Neuropediatric Congress 2018 - Dansk Neuropædiatrisk Selskab
6 September 2018

Institutional Investor - Copenhagen
26 September 2018

DEMC8 - Dasem/Daena/RUC/MAYO Clinic
25 Ocober 2018

Nordic Lymphoma Group plenary meeting - Nordic Lymphoma Group
6 November 2018

NUGA/DUGS Joint Meeting 2019 - Dansk Urogynækologisk Selskab
24 January 2019

Unge Forskere - Danish Science Factory
April 2019

cfDNA 2019
23 May 2019

Past meetings

Nordic Lymphoma Group plenary meeting - Nordic Lymphoma Group
7 November 2017

DUGS - Dansk Urogynækologisk Selskab
4 October 2017

ICMA XX - Danish Institute of Arbitration
25 September 2017

China Days - Wonderful Copenhagen
13 September 2017

Institutional Investor - Copenhagen
13 September 2017

16th EMCHD - Copenhagen University Hospital
9 September 2017

ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting - National Museum of Denmark
4 September 2017

1st International congress on mobile health devices - Copenhagen University Hospital
7 July 2017

2 July 2017

Institutional Investor - Copenhagen
20 June 2017

6th ScandLAS 2017
30 May 2017

Unge Forskere - Danish Science Factory
21 April 2017

cfDNA 2017
6 April 2017

TVT Symposium - Copenhagen University Hospital
23 March 2017

Nordic Narcolepsy Meeting - Copenhagen University Hospital
20 January 2017

DEMC 2016 - Dasem/Daena/RUC
24 November 2016

Nordic Lymphoma Group plenary meeting - Nordic Lymphoma Group
9 November 2016

3rd Danish Symposia on Sleep and Epilepsy - Copenhagen University Hospital
4 November 2016

NHLF 2016 - Danish Society for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy
3 November 2016

EDPN Conference - The European Decision Professionals Network
4 October 2016

ETA 39th Annual Meeting - European Thyroid Association
2 September 2016

International Conference on Time Perspective
15 August 2016

FENS Symposium - Danish Society for Sleep Medicine
1 July 2016

Boyden World Meeting - Boyden International
19 May 2016

Unge Forskere - Danish Science Factory
22 April 2016

April Festival - Teater Centrum
10 April 2016

Daena´s monofaglige dag - Fagligt Selskab for Akutsygepleje
4 Februar 2016

TVT Symposium - Copenhagen University Hospital
3 December 2015

PNES 2015 - Copenhagen University Hospital, Glostrup Hospital & Oslo University Hospital   
12 November 2015

ISCB 2015 - Copenhagen University Hospital
31 August 2015

QAM International Congress 2015
8 June 2015

DEF 2015
8 June 2015

Ciber Kickoff
28 May 2016

Konference om mediation på erhvervsområdet - Voldgiftsinstituttet & Sø- og Handelsretten
20 May 2015

cfDNA 2015 - Copenhagen University Hospital
25 April 2015

Unge Forskere - Danish Science Factory
25 April 2015

Årsmøde i DSSM - Dansk Selskab for Søvnmedicin
14 November 2014


"The Meeting Planners were a great asset to our recent meeting in Copenhagen, they were extremely professional, friendly and very responsive to our many requests and last minute changes. They were instrumental to the overall success of the meeting in both facilitating the business events and their organization of the social aspects of the meeting. In a word fantastic!  I would highly recommend and hope to have the opportunity to use them in the future"

Lydia Reitano
Boyden World Corporation
"The Meeting Planners - Berrit and Sara - have been very professional and helpful all the way during our work with them at Unge Forskere and made sure that every detail was in place. I can highly recommend The Meeting Planners for future bookings and events."

Estrid Brandorff
Danish Science Factory
"To whom it may concern,
Since 2009 Mrs. Berrit Rasmussen has been our meeting planner for at least one scientific meeting every year. The staff are always committed and dedicated in the planning process as well as onsite.
I can highly recommend The Meeting Planners for future conferences."

Prof. Dr. Poul Jennum
Danish Center Sleep Research & Departement og Clin Neurophysiolgy
Glostrup Hospital & University of Copenhagen

"Berrit, I am late in writing to thank you for everything you contributed to make the Energy Disputes Conference run so well. The one good thing about having left it until now is that I can truthfully say that I have received countless emails and messages stating how well the participants thought the event was organized. Much of that favorable feed back goes to you and your organizational skills."

Margrete Stevens
King & Spalding

"The staff are always very approachable, knowledgeable and flexible and clearly focused on delivering a conference tailored to the client's needs and resources. TMP always delivers a conference that met the Conference Committee's criteria and delivered it on budget. Feedback from delegates makes it clear that the conference was stimulating, relevant and enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending TMP to any other organisation needing professional and competent event management assistance."

Steffen Pihlblad
The Danish Institute of Arbitration

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