Copenhagen University Hospital.
Peter Garred, MD, DMSci Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine


450 participants

If we should write a textbook about conference management and what we can do, EMCHD will probably be the title of the book! We had our first approach back in the end of 2013. The project started by TMP being as the bidding partner to win the conference to Copenhagen, initiated the budget, allocated the sponsors and exhibitors, invited abstract submissons, designed social events, registrations, then executed the conferences all the way to the end.
Professor Garred is an amazing person to work with. We had weekly meetings to map out all the details and he gave us trust and freehand to do what we are good at. One of the most interesting tasks (among many) was the abstract handling and scientific program design. The conference was focused on clinical researches therefore abstracts and posters were the highlights to many delegates. There were over 200 very complex abstracts and a reviewing committee of 14 experts involved. This is also a conference demonstrates the value of faith between the client and a PCO. Berrit, the head of project, was involved in the entire process of conference planning for 4.5 years together. The overall result was astonishing. The investment of time and energy has brought us one of the largest delegations in EMCHD conference history and many pleased researchers. From our end, we learned enormously from the clients and project. We say, Cheers, EMCHD!

Testimonial from Prof. Garred
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